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최종 수정일: 2022년 10월 24일

최종 수정일: 2022년 10월 24일


8월 호주🇦🇺 다윈페스티벌에서 김소라 LANDSCAPE 단독 콘서트로 만나요👋

자세한 소식은 다윈페스티벌 공식 페이지를 확인해 주세요👇!/events

Atention, my international friends. I'm very looking forward to performance at Darwin Festival and meet Austrailia audiances. Do not miss the my show and now buy the ticket on site.🎫

#김소라 #kimsora #korean #percussion #janggu #traditional #worldmusic #music #art

Korean percussionist, performance artist and producer Kim So Ra is celebrated for her uninhibited, boundary-crossing activities in the world music scene. After the release of her second album Landscape last year, she’s bringing her complex and energetic performance to Darwin together with fellow drumming talents Hyun Seung Hun and Oh Cho Rong. Watching Kim live is astounding, her arms a blur as they speed from one end of the drum to the other, and together with her trio, the energy will be electric. Kim is on a continuous journey to explore the outer limits of Korean drumming, Korean performing arts and world music at large, making new music that is both familiar yet distinctly hers. Drawing from traditional Korean rhythms, she adds her own energy and flair to create a stunning fusion of old and new playing styles that she has taken around the world. #kimsora#landscape#Darwinfestival#productionBUD#AUSTRALIA

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