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DUO BUD은 10월 20~21일 인도 첸나이에서 두번의 단독 콘서트를 진행합니다.

With Nature as their musical theme, the female Korean folk group Duobud presents music of comfort and healing with traditional percussion and gayageum melodies.

The combination of percussion and string highlights the contrast between percussive expressions of direct and explosive energies and lyrical string melodies. The percussion is so delicate that one’s breath can be heard while the Korean harp is played with a boldness reminiscent of electronic sounds. The resultant music, uniquely expands the expressive realms of both percussive and melodic instruments.

Duobud features:

Sora Kim (Multi-Percussion : Janggu, Jing, Yanggeum, Cymbal)

Jeongup Nongak, Jeollabuk-do Province Intangible Cultural asset no: 7-2

2018 WOMEX Official Showcase Artist

Jihye Lim (Gayageum)

Member of Korean Gayageum Players Association

Music Director of Court Dance ‘Chunangmu’ Association

We are delighted, after a two year hiatus to return to the magic of live performance to continue sharing qualitative examples of Korean contemporary music that showcases traditional instrumentation with a contemporary soundscape. We present Duobud, live at The Music Academy in Chennai - a refreshing, resonating, feisty blend of string and percussion. The performance is presented in association with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai.


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