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Into The Breach—DUO BUD in Taiwan

A new generation of Taiwanese and Korean musicians strike new sparks

With their innovative repertoire and deep understanding of traditional Korean music, Duo Bud put a fresh face on a genre with a thousand-year tradition. Comprised of percussionist Kim Sora, gayageum “Korean zither” soloist Lim Jihye, and composer Yang Miji, the group incorporates a wide range of styles and modern influences in their music and is not afraid to break with traditions. For example, Kim has transformed janggu, the drum that usually played a supporting role, into the star of the show, giving Lim the chance to explore the gayageum's gentler qualities. The result is a program that constantly surprises. During the group's tour in Taiwan, they will perform with “3peoplemusic” chamber group, another innovative group that has brought traditional Chinese music to a new dimension. After their successful collaboration at Jeonju International Sori Festival last year, the two groups will again engage in a cross-cultural musical dialogue that gives new meaning to tradition.

The program “Korea Focus” is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea and CENTER STAGE KOREA.

Photo by Kwang Chan SONG

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