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SO RA KIM - Soribeat cultural performance

She teaches Korean drumming to youth members at GPI. In addition to teaching, she is actively involved in collavorating with various musicians to expand the capacity of Korean drum, Janggu. she is one of the well-known Janggu (an hourglass -shaped Korean drum) players in Korea. She started an apprenticeship training of Janggu at age 8 from Jiwha Yu, a pungmul master. Since she was awarded a first prize for her Janggu solo at age 13 in 1998, She has been honored a first Prize in various prestigious Pungmul competitions including the 10th National Women's Korean Traditional Music Festival in 2012, the 13th Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival in 2011, the 10th Anseong Baudeogi Pungmul Festival in 2010, and the 11th Seopyeonje Boseong sori Festival in 2009.

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