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Project Ul-ssi-gu

Appreciative members of the audience call out “Ul-ssi-gu joht-ta!” as they enjoy pungmul, Korean drumming. This simple, joyful exclamation ties together the players and the audience, binding them within the drumming experience of pungmul. The audience’s cries of “Ul-ssi-gu joht-ta!” and the answering rhythms of the players are an expression of community ties. Project Ul-ssi-gu seeks to foster a global sense of community by designating August 15, 2014 for street performances of pungmul around the world. August 15 marks Korea’s liberation from colonial rule, and as such is an appropriate day to celebrate community through pungmul. As we play pungmul and engage audiences to cry out “Ul-ssi-gu joht-ta!” on that day, the globe will resound with drumming in celebration of culture and community. Wherever you are, bring your pungmul to the streets on the National Liberation Day of Korea, August 15, 2014.


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