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SO RA KIM & DEBORAH KIM's a Janggu Audio-Visual Project- Sae Ha Ma Noh 2014

새하마노 Sae Ha Ma Noh

Janggu Audiovisual Music Project 2014

Hi all,

SoRa (Janggu performer from Chicago) and Deborah (Audiovisual music composer from Sydney) are currently working together towards a collaborative project called " Sae Ha Ma Noh"

It takes almost 20hrs to fly from Chicago, Illinois to Sydney, Australia! Even though we live in two different countries that makes us difficult to meet, our passion for Janggu and Korean rhythms have made us work together as one! Please look forward to So Ra & Deborah's a Janggu audio-visual project, Sae Ha Ma Noh.

Thank you.

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